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CSR Action Guidelines

In order to ensure a safer future for the Earth, we have established and maintain:

Close ties with the Earth
- Protecting the Earth through environmentally friendly technologies and by creating environmental awareness;
Close ties with society
- Strengthening relationships with society by proactively participating in local community projects and worthy causes;
A bridge to the next generation
- Encouraging and nurturing the next generation to take on responsibility and to follow their dreams through technology.

Specific Guidelines

Close ties with the Earth
- Contributing to global environmental and energy efficiency solutions with outstanding technologies.
- Reducing environmental impact in all areas of our business by ensuring that all individuals maintain a high level of environmental awareness.
Close ties with society
- Providing safe high quality products that match the needs of customers and society.
- Through continuous honest actions, respect of social norms and transparency of information
- Maintaining self-awareness as a member of society and proactively contributing to the development of regions and societies.
A bridge to the next generation
- Adopt comfortable working environments and a working culture where creativity blossoms.
- Through business operations and technologies to help children realize their dreams and cultivate hope.