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Message from President & CEO


The market environment surrounding the maritime and shipbuilding industries seems to have bottomed out, but challenging conditions still remain. Although there is a sense of uncertainty about the future, such as the China-U.S. trade friction and crude oil price trends, global maritime freight movement is growing from a macro perspective. Even if gradual, the market is expected to move into a recovery trend.
Amid such circumstances, the 2020 global Sulphur limit - to be implemented under the Tier III standards of the International Maritime Organization as a measure for greater marine environment conservation - is just around the corner. What's more, strengthened Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) indications, which aim to reduce CO2 emissions, will follow in its wake. The time has arrived in which countermeasure technologies, such as fuel conversion and environmental countermeasure technologies as well as the installation of additional machinery and equipment, must be applied. What's more, the time has arrived in which countermeasure technologies must be applied. We believe that the maritime and shipbuilding industries are at a significant turning point that will determine their future direction.
MHI-MME will meet customer demands flexibly and according to each circumstance. We will respond to the opinions of customers by providing its product technologies, impact analysis and other products and services that will enable customers to apply measures to comply with tougher environmental regulations.
Going forward, the company expects to see even greater energy-efficiency due to fuel conversion, increased onboard power consumption from the addition of machinery and equipment, and the need to address EEDI regulations. With this in mind, the company is making various energy-efficient systems and solutions available so that we will be ready to consider, with our customers, optimal solutions and systems that can respond to the diverse needs of our customers and their different ships and shipping routes.
As for MET Turbochargers, we have launched the MET-MBII, an axial-flow turbocharger series primarily for two-stroke marine propulsion diesel engines, and the MET-ER, which is a radial turbocharger series primarily for four-stroke engines. We have boosted performance while making the turbochargers smaller, thereby contributing to energy-saving and greater competitiveness.
In May, Japan will be moving into a new era with the abdication of Emperor Akihito on April 30, 2019. MHI-MME will remain true to its original purpose and its corporate policy, That is, to continue to be needed and trusted by customers through excellent products and services. We look forward to your further patronage.