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Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS)

ATD52 type

Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) are revolutionary energy-saving power generation system that recover and reuse energy from the main engine's exhaust gas. WHRS optimize thermal efficiency by automatically adjusting the output according to on-board electricity demand.

Main Features

  • Easy operation
    • - Fully remote automation
  • Easy installation
    • - Supplied as a complete package
  • Highly reliable
    • - Plant monitoring system;
    • - Performance diagnosis
  • Compact design
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
    • - Reduces diesel generator fuel consumption and, in some cases, allows diesel generators to be stopped;
    • - Optimizes thermal efficiency by controlling the output and load balance of the steam and power turbines


MHI-MME is the only company in the world that has designed and manufactured an entire waste heat recovery system. Customers are able to receive all the benefits of dealing with a single supplier, including improved system performance and cost competitiveness, as well as post-delivery adjustments and maintenance.



STG (Super Turbo Generating) system

STG (super turbo generating) system

The exhaust gas partially extracts from the main engine exhaust gas, then it drives the exhaust gas power turbine, which is connected to the steam turbine, with an SSS Clutch. The power generation amount is 2.4 to 2.8 times more than the Eco-TG System (without gas bypass). In the event the STG power generation exceeds an electric demand in the vessel, the surplus power can assist the propeller shaft through shaft motor to reduce the main engines fuel consumption.

PTG (Power Turbine Generating) system

STG (super turbo generating) system

Exhaust gas extracted from the main engine is used to drive the power turbine generator, eliminating the need for a large exhaust gas economizer, steam turbine, and vacuum condenser.

Eco-TG system (with gas bypass)

STG (super turbo generating) system

By partially extracting the exhaust gas from the main engine to the economizer, this engine achieved more power generation by increasing the economizer's steam amount and temperature. This power generation is 1.5 to 1.8 times more power than that of the Eco-TG System (without gas bypass).

Eco-TG system (without gas bypass)

STG (super turbo generating) system

This is a conventional system that has already been applied to the turbine generators currently in service.

Following the turbocharger, all exhaust gas is led to the economizer and then steam driven to the generator turbine.

Lineup and Specifications

Mitsubishi Power Turbine

Max. output (kW) 800 1,200 1,400 2,200 3,000 3,500


Single PressureDual Pressure
0.6~2.2MPa 0.6~2.2MPa, 0.3~1.0MPa
Type 1 2 3 4 5
System Single Pressure Type Dual Pressure Type
+HP Evaporator
+LP Evaporator
+HP Evaporator
+LP Evaporator
HP Superheater
+HP Evaporator
+LP Superheater
+LP Evaporator

After-Sales Services

Featured service menu:

For Turbines
To manage operational efficiency, it is vital to maintain a high turbine efficiency. We provide various solutions to keep your turbines in optimal condition and reduce your operating costs.

Generator turbine dock maintenance items

We can provide a recommended dock maintenance parts list for the generator turbine which includes the docking schedule of each ship for the next 20 years. This list is useful as it assists you to keep on top of what maintenance is required when your ship is docked.

Provision of finished MSV and RV spare parts

We recommend inspecting the condition of the main stop valves (MSV) and regulating valves (RV), which are critical turbine parts. These parts should be checked every time you dock your ship, to check for progressive aging deterioration caused by exposure to high pressure, high temperature conditions and the high number of moving parts.Place an order with us for the required parts and we will have them ready for you for when you commence your dock maintenance work.

Updating the shaft vibration and position monitor

The VM-3 model has been discontinued and maintenance is no longer available. However, current monitors can be replaced with the new VM-5 model without any modifications to your system.

Landed overhaul of MSV, RV, and power cylinder assembly

Main stop valves (MSV) and regulating valves (RV) play an important role in regulating the turbine steam. These parts need to be inspected and/or replaced during the overhaul inspection procedures carried out while the ship is docked.
We perform overhaul inspections at our factory for vessels that have been in service for over 15 years as a preventive measure.

Renewal of turbine observation panel

The turbine observation panel is equipped with alarms indicating abnormal turbine operation such as low pressure and high turbine exhaust pressure.
We recommend the turbine observation panel be replaced in vessels that have been in service for 10 years or more.

Preparation of spare parts for governor driving gear

We have verified that governor driving shaft worm gear pitching occurs in the worm wheel gear, causing damage and making it necessary to replace parts frequently. We have therefore prepared a stockpile of spare parts to provide support in the case of gear damage.

Provision of finished MSV and RV spare parts at the depot

Main stop valves (MSV) and regulating valves (RV), which are critical turbine parts, have many moving parts and are subject to high pressure and high temperatures. These parts are repaired while the ship is docked to check for deterioration. We provide a complete set of MSV and RV spare parts, and can replace any part in the event of failure. We also recondition the replaced parts and redeliver them as finished spare parts.

Rotor-gear spare parts stocked at the depot

Turbine rotors, blades and gears are critical parts. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our users store a complete rotor and gear assembly as common spare parts.