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May 23, 2013
"After-service for MITUBISHI MET turbocharger/Super-MET(S type) and MET-SB type"
The productions of MET turbocharger listed below were ended by 1986. The ended productions are The Super-MET series (MET35S/45S/56S/71S) and MET-SB series (MET33SB/42SB/53SB/66SB/83SB).After productions end, we continue to supply and manage each parts as after-service. However, please let us announce that we are planning to reconsider our service by the following circumstance.
We would be pleased if you give your patronage to our MET turbocharger forever.
1) We will end stocking of the spec parts (MET turbocharger parts of the above series; nozzle/diffuser, rotating body and casting casings) which pressured our stock on December 31, 2013.
(Circumstance):Recently, there is no order or inquiry of these parts.

the above announcement is not meaning that we stop all after-service for old type of MET immediately. However, in the future, please understand that when a production is ordered, we will correspond case by case. (About the technical queries, we will continue the service.)

About the stock items, we will offer a special price. Please consider.
November 2, 2010
As for the Original MET series turbochargers(MET28/35/45/56/71/90) and HighPressure MET series turbochargers (MET350/450/560/710/900), we have finished manufacturing in 1982. However, we have continued storing and providing the parts for those series as an after-sales service.
As a result of recent investigation of our company using List of Lloyd (SEA-WEB), it became clear that three type of MET turbochargers (MET71/90/900) have not been used any more. Therefore we decided to finish storing the parts for those 3 types of turbochargers at the end of 2010.
Though we investigated the working situation of those series very carefully, we are afraid that we might miss some cases. If anyone knows the case that these turbochargers (MET71/90/900) have still been used, please inform our company.
If the case to require the parts for these series (MET71/90/900) might occur after 2010, please contact our company at each time.
We hope and appreciate you will continue to use the turbochargers of our company.
And we decide to finish storing the parts(casing: scroll/bearing pedestal/gas-casing) for the other types( MET28/35/45/56,MET350/450/560/710) of turbochargers at the end of 2010. If the case to require the parts for these series might occur after these terms, please contact our company at each time. Technical support will be continued.


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