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Project MEET


Project MEET Logo

At MHI-MME, we understand our responsibility to protect and sustain the earth's environment, particularly its rich and beautiful oceans. In fulfilling this responsibility, we provide marine solutions that deliver superior energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. PROJECT MEET (Mitsubishi Marine Energy & Environment Technical Solution-System) is the cornerstone of our ongoing quest to meet the energy and environmental needs of today's marine machinery and engine market, with the technology of tomorrow.

PROJECT MEET is a true meeting of minds, skills, and technologies. The project team encompasses employees involved in every facet of marine machinery, who pool their collective knowledge and expertise to propose solutions that integrate MHI-MME's exclusive and state-of-the-art marine products and technologies..

Looking to the Future

PROJECT MEET does not end here. We already offer a range of technologies and products as solution systems, implementing a single responsibility system to enhance customer satisfaction. Through PROJECT MEET, we will continue to create new solutions that meet our customers' needs by continuing to think outside the box and responding swiftly to the changing times.